5 Benefits of Opiate Addiction Treatment

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An addiction to opiates is one of the hardest to break, especially by oneself. Combined with the worldwide prevalence of these substances and the relative ease of abuse, the need for opiate addiction treatment has grown massively over the last few decades. Without external help, sufferers of opiate use disorder are faced with two potentially life-threatening consequences: either endure the taxing process of withdrawal or let addiction wreak lifelong havoc.

The many benefits of opiate addiction treatment may be of assistance to you or your loved one. Professionally guided therapy combined with medications and techniques to avoid relapse is among the strongest ways to ensure total recovery. To learn about how you can benefit from our opiate addiction treatment center in New Hampshire, call the team at Clear Steps Recovery at 603.769.8981 or visit us online today. We strive to help each of our patients develop the skills for beating addiction that can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Opiate Addiction Treatment

An effective treatment plan has to be flexible—not just to suit the needs of every patient, but to adapt to their needs as time goes on. Because we strive to provide a diverse, effective selection of therapy and treatment programs for our patients, the way you approach your opiate use disorder treatment is up to you and your therapist. With that said, there are several standard practices that apply to most patients that can be safely expected beforehand.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Certain medications can help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and overall contribute to patient retention. While MAT does require direct supervision, these medications pose no addictive risk and can not introduce an additional layer of substance use disorder.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient care provides a way for people with densely packed schedules to receive the same quality treatment as a full-time stay. This model of treatment requires the substance use disorder to be relatively mild and to have very little medical attention.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)

In any other case, partial hospitalization programs can help facilitate new routines and foster coping skills, as well as provide medical supervision to ensure patient safety. Discuss with your provider whether outpatient or partial hospitalization programs would best suit your situation.

Health Realization

Health realization is our psychological approach to overall bodily health. By taking a look at the ways in which we think, we can outline and address the root causes of addiction and ultimately address them in a meaningful way. Patients are encouraged to introspect, learn more about themselves, and overcome addiction internally, too.

Family Support

Having the support of friends and family members can make treatment less isolating. Families are encouraged to get involved with treatment not just to assist their loved ones but to learn about the underlying causes of addiction and create a support network to improve care in and out of treatment.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Benefits

Receiving professional care for opiate addiction is superior to going it alone in virtually every way. One major reason for such is that addiction is a deeply internal battle, so fighting it without relying on another individual can feel like an uphill battle. The benefits of opiate addiction treatment extend into patient safety as well. Some symptoms of opioid withdrawal can be extremely discomforting or even dangerous. In short, getting proper treatment can reduce the harm incurred by getting sober to a minimum and give individuals another leg to stand on.

Clear Steps Recovery Offers Opiate Treatment in New Hampshire

Opiates affect more people each day, not to mention the ones they’re closest to. The damage an opiate use disorder can do is immeasurable, only growing more severe with time. At Clear Steps Recovery, our specialists use their life experience and professional skill to help those in New Hampshire struggling with opiate use. If you or someone you care about are dealing with the pain of opiate abuse, call us at 603.769.8981 or visit us online to ask about the benefits of opiate addiction treatment today.

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