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Recovering from substance use disorder is a difficult and lengthy process. Clients who have completed their treatment often find staying sober afterward to be a challenge they were unprepared for. In situations like these, an aftercare program can become indispensable. Aftercare covers anything, from services to housing, provided by a treatment center after the detox and recovery portion of rehab has ended.

At Clear Steps Recovery, aftercare is just as important as every other aspect of treatment. Our New Hampshire aftercare program center provides a continued support system that provides ongoing assistance after rehab ends. We work with clients to design an aftercare program suited to their needs. To learn how to take advantage of the many aftercare program benefits, contact our team today by calling 603.769.8981 or filling out our online form.

The 5 Benefits of an Aftercare Program

Aftercare programs can make a world of difference for individuals returning to life as usual following rehab. Participation in an aftercare program benefits those who might experience the biggest shock in going from residential rehab back to home, where substance abuse may have been common.

1. Continued Support

Offering continued support to individuals who have completed their substance abuse treatment program is a major part of aftercare. The specialists at Clear Steps Recovery are committed to helping individuals stay focused on their sobriety goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

2. Access to Resources

Our aftercare program provides a range of resources individuals can use to aid in the recovery process. Educational materials, 12-step programs, and counseling services all have an essential role in aftercare, which is why it’s vital clients have access to them well after rehab has ended.

3. Reduced Risk of Relapse

Relapse is always a threat, to some degree. Clients who have recovered from substance abuse still have to remain mindful of the substances they consume, in what quantity, and how frequently. With aftercare involvement, individuals are more aware of their goals, weaknesses, and the progress that they stand to lose by relapsing.

4. Accountability

Aftercare provides an important level of accountability through health check-ins and social support. Meeting with your care team or getting involved in a support group makes the post-rehab climate feel less isolating.

5. Improved Mental Health

Substance use disorder can leave a lasting mark on mental well-being. Aftercare includes access to counseling services, therapy, and other mental health programs for managing ongoing mental health concerns.

Why Participate in the New Hampshire Recovery Alumni Program?

Each of the aftercare program benefits provides individuals with higher chances of success and the skills and resources necessary to make sobriety a permanent fixture of their lives. Our alumni program invites those who have completed our substance use disorder treatment program to return every week to discuss their recovery process with other alumni and those who continue their treatment.

The alumni program helps facilitate connections with those in similar situations. If your living situation after rehab becomes unsustainable, having a community at your side makes staying sober and healthy much easier. Clear Steps Recovery’s alumni program is just one part of our comprehensive aftercare.

Call Clear Steps Recovery for More Aftercare Program New Hampshire Benefits

Aftercare has proven to be a valuable follow-up treatment for clients at every level of care. Clients who have worked for months to overcome their substance use disorder deserve the highest degree of care even after rehab ends. If you or a loved one are in need of an aftercare program in Londonderry, New Hampshire, Clear Steps Recovery is a click or phone call away. Reach out to our team of compassionate specialists at 603.769.8981 or online.

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