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Meth affects the brain, as well as the rest of the body, in a number of highly detrimental ways. Its function as a stimulant leaves the body feeling powerful, euphoric, and numb—but only for so long. Continuously sinking back down into a depressive malaise, only to rocket back up after another dose, isn’t just tiring. It’s costing hundreds of thousands of Americans their health and, in some cases, their lives.

At Clear Steps Recovery, our combined therapy styles allow for a consistently successful, lasting support approach to meth addiction. We help our patients realize that they are their own biggest strength and that overcoming a meth addiction is something each of them is innately capable of. If you’re searching for a meth addiction treatment center in Londonderry, New Hampshire, you can find one by contacting us online or by calling 603.769.8981 today.

How Does Meth Affect the Brain?

Methamphetamines tend to affect certain parts of the brain differently than others. While there are no parts of the brain that meth affects in a positive way, some areas fare considerably worse after meth use than others—consistently enough to be indicators of past substance use.

  • The hippocampus, a cranial structure responsible for both long- and short-term memory, is hit notoriously hard by meth use. Those with a history of meth use have difficulty remembering events from their past, as well as keeping track of information like phone numbers and names.
  • The cortex, which controls reasoning and emotion, is left in a degraded state after prolonged meth use as well. When a cortex deteriorates, it reduces impulse control, cognitive abilities, and emotional stability.
  • Thalamic and hypothalamic structures dictate sleep patterns and appetite—two of the brain’s regulatory functions. Those who have used meth in the past are susceptible to erratic sleep and eating schedules.

In addition to the specific sections of the brain affected most by meth, more general bodily functions greatly suffer as a result of the same deterioration. This is due to meth’s interaction with cranial matter called myelin. Myelin acts as a sheath around neurotransmitters, almost like the rubber coating on metal wires. Just as an uninsulated wire is prone to lose its charge, neurotransmitters without a myelin coating are slow to act and slower to regenerate. This can impact any of the following functions:

  • Eyesight (distance, peripheral)
  • Situational awareness
  • Libido
  • Inner ear balance

Meth affects the brain, as well as the rest of the body. Extended meth use can deteriorate the heart, skin, and teeth, leading to potentially several critical health concerns. If, in any case, meth addiction can be treated, it should be, and with great urgency.

Discover Effective Meth Addiction Treatment in Londonderry, New Hampshire at Clear Steps Recovery

The recovery process from a life of meth use is one of the most challenging out there. It can feel lonely, daunting, and often hopeless to try to cut meth out of your life. At Clear Steps, we understand the situation that meth use can leave you and your loved ones in and that meth treatment can be a success. We’ve worked on an individual level with each of our clients to help them overcome their dependency from within, all while providing the support they need most.

An emphasis on self-betterment as a catalyst for therapy makes the Clear Steps approach unique and the results more meaningful. Our staff is trained to address our clients’ every need. From medication-assisted treatment to a serene woodland environment, asking about the meth recovery program at Clear Steps Recovery in Londonderry, NH, is the perfect place to start. Don’t wait and find out firsthand the ways meth affects the brain—contact us now online or by calling 603.769.8981 today.

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