Why Choose a Therapy Program in Billerica, Massachusetts?

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According to SAMHSA’s most recent report, upwards of 16% of Massachusetts residents over 12 years of age struggle with addiction, and approximately 18% with mental health issues annually. For those who find themselves in the overlapping territory, you know firsthand how difficult to live with the combination of substance use disorder and behavioral health disorders can be. Therapy can be an effective way to treat co-occurring disorders and strengthen the programs it’s incorporated into.

At Clear Steps Recovery, our therapy programs are personally tailored and responsive to each patient’s needs. For those searching for a therapy program in Billerica, MA, our facility is located a matter of minutes from Exit 4 on I-93 in a scenic, private environment. Call us at 603.769.8981 today to ask our experienced staff about how our Billerica, Massachusetts, therapy program center can provide relief and aid on the road to recovery.

What Can a Therapy Program in Billerica, MA, Do for Me?

Therapy is not just limited to the traditional patient-therapist interaction we tend to think of. Instead, therapy includes a broader category of programs that encourage individuals to introspect and gain a greater understanding of self to achieve a particular goal. In our case, taking a therapeutic lens to addiction allows patients to see why their addiction is so difficult to break, even if they know it’s detrimental to their health.

These reasons are often more than just the chemical hold drugs tend to have on the brain. In almost any case, addiction is an answer to another seemingly detached problem. It’s rarely a good answer, of course, the relief provided by drugs or alcohol is ultimately unable to do more than dull the feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-worth, or other emotional states that contribute to addiction. However, the fact that it’s a response indicates that there’s a need that the individual has yet to fulfill.

Understanding this line of thinking through therapy allows patients to assemble the pieces of why addiction has become this faulty solution. Therapists engage patients in different ways of thinking, not to make a conclusion for them but to aid them in making their own.

Why Choosing a Massachusetts Therapy Program is a Clear Choice

Massachusetts residents have the opportunity to take to therapy for a greater understanding of their substance use disorder. Participating in a therapy program in Billerica, MA, allows patients to develop themselves in ways that can last for the rest of their lives. In therapy, people can:

  • Gain a better understanding of addiction and how it relates to their life
  • Develop coping skills to help manage triggers and stress
  • Develop beneficial relationships with their friends and family
  • Set goals for their personalized treatment
  • Find access to extra resources

Building a connection with your therapist incentivizes growth in a way that quitting alone simply can’t. The added accountability and access to insight from someone who’s been a veteran in the field have made therapy for substance use disorders a universally implemented program.

Contact Clear Steps Recovery to Participate in our Billerica Therapy Program

Addiction is one of the most mentally and physically taxing things a person can endure. When compounded with an existing mental or behavioral health struggle, it’s easy for people to feel like there’s no path of action left. At Clear Steps Recovery, it’s our calling to give our community access to a therapy program in Billerica, MA, with a variety of treatment options.

Therapy is just one tool we use to help patients fight addiction. With the right guidance, recovery is always within reach. Contact us at 603.769.8981 or visit us online to learn about our programs and services.

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The Path Is Clear – Take Your First Steps Today with Clear Steps Recovery

With our team and your desire to heal, we can improve your quality of life and functional abilities, so you can get back to living your best life.

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