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Take Your First Steps In Recovery Today

Find your path to healing with Clear Steps Recovery. Our team approach ensures you get comprehensive treatment tailored to your specific substance use disorder.

Clear Steps Recovery believes that addiction is a four-fold disease. It is physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Clear Steps Recovery acknowledges that drug and alcohol addiction is a treatable illness. We believe that providing a healthy therapeutic environment can enhance the recovery process for those in the greatest need.

Health Realization

Health realization for substance use disorder treatment is a therapeutic approach that uses mindfulness and meditation to help people recover from addiction. The program is based on the belief that addiction is caused by a lack of connection to one’s true self. By reconnecting with their true selves, people can overcome their dependency and addiction. Clear Steps Recovery in Londonderry, NH offers an eclectic experience with Health Realization, Mindfulness Meditation and other therapeutic approaches for substance use disorder treatment.

Family Support​

Substance use disorders significantly impact families, and family involvement in treatment can reduce the harm while improving treatment enrollment, treatment completion, and treatment outcomes for the family member coping with an addiction. Clear Steps Recovery offers family meetings (with or without the client), family groups, and community supports that will help you to heal as we walk the road of recovery together.

Treatments We Offer

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Meth Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Clear Steps Recovery-Logo Mark-New Color-166px

The Path Is Clear – Take Your First Steps Today with Clear Steps Recovery

With our team and your desire to heal, we can improve your quality of life and functional abilities, so you can get back to living your best life.