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Because of how much effort and perseverance it takes to start treating a substance use disorder, most attention tends to be placed on the entry period. While it is a major achievement to become sober throughout the course of treatment, the weeks to months that follow are just as important. The risk of relapse is especially high for the first two weeks after exiting treatment, which is why aftercare programs have become a significant component of many treatment centers. At Clear Steps Recovery, our individualized aftercare program is as essential as any other step of the process. To us, a lack of support on the back end would be a disservice to all the work our patients put into becoming sober. To learn more about how our New Hampshire aftercare program can help you or your loved one stay sober for the long term, call us at (603) 769-8981 or reach out online today.

Why Choose a New Hampshire Aftercare Program?

Participating in aftercare can make a considerable difference in adapting back to normal life post-rehab. For many people, especially after leaving a highly structured and supervised treatment program, transitioning back to their old living space without professional supervision can be difficult. Aftercare programs are designed to ease patients back into life as usual while keeping correspondence with the same professionals who saw their recovery through. Aftercare programs provide access to routine health check-ins to ensure health hasn’t declined since leaving rehab. This is especially important when treatment for withdrawal is particularly intensive. Additionally, potential exposure to drugs and alcohol can be much higher upon returning home. This can pose a significant threat to sobriety, meaning aftercare tends to put much of its focus on abstinence.

What to Expect From an Aftercare Program Treatment Center

Aftercare can take several forms depending on what patients feel their needs are. It may be easiest to step down from a more regulated and supervised treatment program, like a partial hospitalization program (PHP), to something like an intensive outpatient program (IOP) which offers more flexibility while maintaining accountability. IOPs work well when patients are shown to have reliably overcome the impulsive reward-seeking that substance abuse often instills. IOPs aren’t the only kind of aftercare for substance abuse. In some cases, returning home might not be an option for some patients. Aftercare encompasses any form of sustained sober living program after the initial treatment. Other functions of an aftercare program include:

  • Attending alumni programs
  • 12-step programs or recovery meetings
  • Virtual or in-person counseling sessions
  • Keeping in touch with a sponsor or members of your sober support group

Find an Aftercare Program in New Hampshire at Clear Steps Recovery

If you or a loved one have been participating in treatment for substance use disorder and are nearing completion or have been struggling out of care, an aftercare program may be the right choice. Regardless of how substance abuse became a part of your life, keeping impulsive use at bay will always be challenging. Aftercare is just one way Clear Steps Recovery can help minimize the risk of relapse, Our treatment is created around the idea that each individual is shaped by their struggle with addiction just as they shape it in return. Each aspect of care is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have experienced substance abuse in a way nobody has before. That’s why our aftercare program is designed to adapt to your strengths and weaknesses alike. Don’t hesitate another moment—contact our specialists today at (603) 769-8981 or via our secure online form to learn about how our aftercare program and residential treatment in Londonderry, New Hampshire, can help you stay sober for life.

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