Women’s Rehab Program

At the heart of our substance use disorder treatment programs are a drive to help clients get in touch with themselves and others. Understanding your individuality is what makes treatment effective, and nowhere is that more central than our women’s treatment program. By helping our clients examine how addiction is shaped by who they are, we can take a specialized approach to care that is unique and effective. At Clear Steps Recovery, our women’s treatment program is used in conjunction with other therapy methods to give clients access to our full range of care. The journey to recovery can start today. Call (603) 769-8981 or visit us online to begin personalizing a substance use disorder program for yourself or someone you love or if you have further questions regarding our New Hampshire treatment programs.

Why Choose a Women’s Treatment in New Hampshire?

Addiction affects everyone differently. Whether those differences are subtle or radical, it’s important to understand that no two people have the same experience with substance use disorder. People can change alongside their substance use disorder in ways shaped by their personality, financial situation, co-occurring disorders, etc. Personalized care is crucial for this reason. At Clear Steps Recovery, we spare no expense in ensuring every client has their treatment program custom-tailored to their needs. Part of that is providing a complete gender-specific care program that includes access to all of our therapy methods. Our women’s treatment program is an effective way for women struggling with substance use disorder to look at recovery in a whole new way.

Benefits of Women’s Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Women’s treatment programs have several benefits. While gender-specific care is completely optional, it allows clients to further develop during the recovery process, both as individuals and among their peers. Enrolling in our women’s treatment program provides access to the following:

Stigma-Free Environment

When speaking openly about substance use disorder with a group of your peers, the feeling of being potentially alienated is considerably lower. During our women’s group therapy sessions, you’re encouraged to talk to other women who have endured and grown around their addiction.

Stressor Analysis

While there are many universal sources of stress, women tend to have vastly different sources of stress than men. It can be much easier to relate to the struggles of other women whose drug use has impacted the fears that are common or even exclusive to womanhood.


Approaching recovery from a personal angle allows clients to examine firsthand how their strengths and weaknesses inform and shape their substance use disorder. Looking at every aspect of oneself, gender included, can be invaluable in overcoming addiction from the inside.

Improved Outcomes

Finally, gender-specific care does improve the outcomes of recovery. Clients who participate in men’s and women’s treatment programs are more likely to complete rehab, remain sober, and overall feel happier with the quality of their care.

Reach Out to Clear Steps Recovery for a Women’s Program in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Addiction takes its time to shape itself to your shortcomings and vulnerabilities. At Clear Steps Recovery, we take addiction head-on in the same vein. Our focus is to help each of our clients understand themselves, their peers, and the ways substance use disorder challenges them. Personalized care is our way of helping clients fight their internal and external battles alike.  The list of services we offer includes the following:

  • Ambulatory detox
  • Day Treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Individual counseling
  • Family support
  • Medication-assisted treatment

Don’t hesitate another day—call our team at (603) 769-8981 or visit us online to learn more about our women’s treatment program in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

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Professional treatment is the best option if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction. The decision to seek treatment is only the first step, but it is the most important and is where clarity begins.

Once you reach out to Clear Steps Recovery, your path becomes clear, and you can get the help and support you need to break the cycle of addiction. Our serene woodland environment promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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With our team and your desire to heal, we can improve your quality of life and functional abilities, so you can get back to living your best life.


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