Comprehensive Guide to Outpatient Treatment: Day Treatment vs. IOP

Choosing the right treatment for mental health and addiction recovery is important. There are two main paths: Day Treatment Programs, formerly known as Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). Understanding these can be crucial in selecting the right treatment plan. This guide aims to provide a clear, detailed look at both day […]

5 Benefits of an Aftercare Program

5 Benefits of Aftercare Program

Recovering from substance use disorder is a difficult and lengthy process. Clients who have completed their treatment often find staying sober afterward to be a challenge they were unprepared for. In situations like these, an aftercare program can become indispensable. Aftercare covers anything, from services to housing, provided by a treatment center after the detox […]

5 Benefits of Family Meetings

5 Benefits of Family Meetings

Family meetings can serve as some of the most vital support in helping individuals overcome their substance abuse problems. Especially for clients who are spending long periods of time away from home, the weekly family meeting benefits everyone involved immensely. Family support helps individuals keep themselves accountable for their progress in becoming sober and motivates […]

5 Benefits of Therapy Programs

therapist explaining to confused young woman the 5 benefits of therapy programs

Many Americans struggle with addiction and related behavioral health issues every year. Millions of Americans battle substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions daily, and the need for professional treatment has never been greater. Therapy programs benefit those with behavioral health issues—that much is certain. At Clear Steps Recovery, our therapy treatment center is […]

5 Benefits of an Outpatient Program

female therapist explaining to young man the 5 benefits of an outpatient program

Inpatient and outpatient programs have several differences that can make one more suitable to certain individuals than the other. At the heart of outpatient treatment is the goal of making treatment as accessible as possible, and its benefits mainly lie in its broad reach and unobtrusive nature. For those looking into potential treatment solutions, determine […]

Why Choose Medication-Assisted Treatment in Lowell, Massachusetts?

Why Choose Medication Assisted Treatment in Lowell, Massachusetts

Opioids and alcohol are two of the most prevalent addictions in the United States today and have an almost uniform status across each state. Massachusetts is no different, with an estimated 6-7% of people over 12 suffering from AUD—nearly 300,000 people1. Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is a highly effective means of reducing some of the […]

Why Choose Outpatient Program in Ayer, Massachusetts?

Why Choose Outpatient Program in Ayer, Massachusetts

Outpatient care is a method for treating substance use disorder that’s been rising in popularity over the years. Now more than ever, people regularly find themselves without enough time to commit to a full stay at a hospital or residential treatment center. Our outpatient program in Ayer, MA exists as a way to bridge the […]

Why Choose a Therapy Program in Billerica, Massachusetts?

young woman smiling and asking why choose a therapy program in Billerica, Massachusetts?

According to SAMHSA’s most recent report, upwards of 16% of Massachusetts residents over 12 years of age struggle with addiction, and approximately 18% with mental health issues annually. For those who find themselves in the overlapping territory, you know firsthand how difficult to live with the combination of substance use disorder and behavioral health disorders […]

5 Benefits of Opiate Addiction Treatment

5 Benefits of Opiate Addiction Treatment

An addiction to opiates is one of the hardest to break, especially by oneself. Combined with the worldwide prevalence of these substances and the relative ease of abuse, the need for opiate addiction treatment has grown massively over the last few decades. Without external help, sufferers of opiate use disorder are faced with two potentially […]

Outpatient Program vs. Outpatient Detox

Outpatient Program vs Outpatient Detox

There are undeniably positives that come from having a multitude of options, especially for addiction treatment. Because the causes and effects of addiction are so personal, everybody has needs that differ from one another. One byproduct of having so many options, though, is that navigating the treatment styles available can be confusing or even stifling. […]