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There are undeniably positives that come from having a multitude of options, especially for addiction treatment. Because the causes and effects of addiction are so personal, everybody has needs that differ from one another. One byproduct of having so many options, though, is that navigating the treatment styles available can be confusing or even stifling. Making treatment accessible includes more than just physical accessibility—patients need to know what their options are in a meaningful way. To that end, what is an outpatient program vs. outpatient detox?

In essence, outpatient detox is just one part of the wider outpatient approach. Outpatient care allows patients to remain in their usual habitat rather than spend extended periods of time in a treatment center or hospital. Some patients won’t require the detox aspect of outpatient treatment, but all outpatient detox is part of an outpatient program. At Clear Steps Recovery, we offer outpatient care with a variety of treatment options. To learn about our outpatient detox program in Lowell, Massachusetts, call 603.769.8981 to learn more about what treatment plan suits your situation best.

What Is Outpatient Detox?

Outpatient or ambulatory detox is a part of the overall outpatient program that focuses on allowing patients to restabilize their bodily chemistry. This treatment involves gradually reducing the amount of the substance present in the body while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. Typically, detox is carried out in a treatment center for as long as flushing out the offending substance takes. Ambulatory detox, on the other hand, is part of a program that allows patients freedom in how they choose to go about their day.

When patients visit the treatment center, they can access addiction-antagonistic medication and doctors can monitor their progress. Notably, this approach to detox should only be applied to less severe cases of substance use disorder. In cases where the risk of relapse or health complications is exceptionally high, traditional inpatient detox is always the safer option.

Choosing an Outpatient Detox vs. Outpatient Program

So, what are the differences between an outpatient program vs. outpatient detox? To put it one way, outpatient detox is just one component of the wider outpatient program. Not everybody who participates in outpatient treatment will need to engage in outpatient detox because “outpatient treatment” applies to many substance use disorders—many of which have a relatively short duration in the body. Additionally, some patients may be long past detox, especially those who were previously in an inpatient or intensive outpatient program (IOPs).

An outpatient program is an option for individuals who require ongoing treatment and support beyond the detoxification process. Outpatient programs tend to include more than just detox, focusing on other aspects of care, including:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Health realization

While outpatient programs vary in intensity and duration, they generally focus on routine therapy sessions and access to support groups to help patients manage their addiction. Outpatient programs are most beneficial for those who need ongoing support without requiring round-the-clock medical care. Outpatient programs can also serve as a way to deboard from higher levels of treatment and back into everyday life.

Clear Steps Recovery Offers Outpatient Detox in New Hampshire

Understanding the benefits of an outpatient program vs. outpatient detox is just one step in getting a complete understanding of the ways substance use disorder can be treated professionally. At Clear Steps Recovery, it’s our mission to provide a diverse selection of treatment options to help everyone, no matter their required level of care. Even after departure from treatment, we provide ways to receive continued support to stay strong for the long term. To find out the ways outpatient care can be of help, start by reaching out to our compassionate staff today and calling 603.769.8981 or contacting us online

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