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Clients who want to participate in a structured recovery process without a full-time stay would likely benefit from a partial hospitalization program or PHP. As the name would imply, a partial hospitalization program means clients spend a portion of their day under supervision before returning home. On average, these programs occupy only a few hours per day.

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Before determining that a Londonderry, New Hampshire recovery program is the right choice for you or your loved one, you should consult the team at Clear Steps Recovery.  Learn about PHPs, and who benefits the most from receiving partial care over a full-time stay. We can help you or a loved one who is struggling with addiction. Don’t wait another day. Start by calling 603.377.4983 or reaching us online.

What Is a PHP?

Partial hospitalization programs are recovery programs that don’t require persistent medical attention and supervision. Usually, they’re reserved for less critical cases of substance use disorder. To determine which cases warrant the PHP approach, clients will receive a formal evaluation from a licensed therapist. From there, we’ll help determine whether or not a partial hospitalization program is the right choice.

Individuals who have difficulty functioning in professional or work environments and suffer from co-occurring disorders but are otherwise medically and emotionally stable stand to benefit the most from a PHP. Clients who are at risk of self-harm, or doing harm to others, are encouraged to opt for a full live-in recovery program.

How Is A Day Structured in a New Hampshire PHP?

For clients participating in a PHP, most sessions are structured in a way that touches on multiple skills and areas to maximize development and resolve. The order and duration are fairly flexible.

  • Group therapy connects you to those in the partial hospitalization program. Working as a group can help every member to address their personal shortcomings, strengths, and achievements while also acting as a structure for accountability and trust.
  • Psychoeducation (PE) instills knowledge about the client’s condition and serves to guide them in ways that allow them to overcome it from within. Addressing cognitive dissonance, faulty or harmful thoughts, and other facets of cognition in addiction can allow clients to make the biggest difference themselves.
  • Skill-building is geared to help clients learn and implement skills into their daily lives, both inside and outside of PHP. Skills include managing impulses, using coping mechanisms, and identifying triggers for relapse.
  • Client evaluations are a way for you to chart your progress over time. Remember, recovery is the culmination of weeks or months of effort. You and your therapist can work together to identify trends and ensure the programs you’re a part of are still beneficial.

After all of that, clients can return back home to fulfill any number of their obligations—work, school, or parenting. PHPs tend to last about 2-3 weeks and, ideally, serve to transition into outpatient care or intensive outpatient treatment (IOP.)

Find a Partial Hospitalization Program in Londonderry, New Hampshire at Clear Steps Recovery

At Clear Steps Recovery, we offer partial hospitalization programs for individuals with substance use disorder. Rather than treating clients like a problem that needs solving, we seek to empower each individual with the skills, drive, and persistence to overcome addiction, even long after they’ve finished treatment.

PHPs aren’t all we offer, though. If you’re interested in various other services that can help with a substance use disorder, start by calling Clear Steps at 603.377.4983 or contacting us online. Our team can help you determine what programs best suit you and your situation. Our personalized recovery plans help you get back on your feet and stay there. Find out how we can help you break the cycle of addiction.

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