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family sitting together on a sofa in an office as part of regular family meetings with a therapistFamily is one of the most important support structures a person can have when recovering from substance abuse. More often than not, nobody has your best interests at heart more than your family does. As a result, family members are often encouraged to be a part of the recovery process. Family meetings are a staple of substance abuse treatment that help patients develop their sober skills while keeping social ties strong and battling the sense of isolation during recovery.

Unfortunately, the support of your family isn’t always guaranteed. Substance abuse routinely tears healthy families apart at the seams, even taking lives, leaving some unable to rely on their families for support. It’s important not just for one’s own health but that of their entire family that treatment invites everyone to get involved. 

At Clear Steps Recovery, we help facilitate meetings and therapy sessions for individuals and their families to work through substance abuse and addiction. Don’t wait another day to call us at 603.769.8981 to learn how our family support program in New Hampshire can elevate treatment and strengthen recovery.

How Are Recovery Family Meetings Initiated?

Like most things, the process of recovery begins in the home. Family members are often the first to breach the subject of substance abuse or coordinate interventions. They may have been affected by the individual’s substance abuse directly, potentially in the form of physical violence, or indirectly by unknowingly financing a drug abuse problem.

These early meetings serve to start the process of treating substance abuse, but their success can depend on several factors. It’s easy for family members with good intentions to cause even more harm to the individual they’re trying to help. Substance abuse is highly personal, meaning that an attack on someone’s behavior can especially feel like an attack on their character. It’s natural for people to get defensive in response, but this reaction can backfire and create more division.

How Recovery-Focused Family Meetings Help

Rather than attempting an unguided family meeting, consulting with a professional substance abuse treatment organization about introducing a family member to treatment is often much safer. At Clear Steps Recovery, our family meetings are integrated into all aspects of our treatment program. Families are encouraged to visit during inpatient care, motivating their loved ones to overcome addiction.

Professional assistance during family meetings isn’t just a protective measure to ensure things don’t get out of hand. Mediating disagreements and asking valuable questions are part of the process, too. Some of the topics you can expect to cover during professionally-guided family therapy include:

  • What role substance abuse plays in each person’s life
  • How substance abuse has been harmful
  • Work and life difficulties as a result of substance abuse
  • Family involvement going forward
  • Ways sobriety can be achieved

Support for Family Meetings in New Hampshire at Clear Steps Recovery

When patients meet with their families during treatment, it lends a sense of support and accountability that unassisted rehab may not. Having a family that shares your interest in overcoming addiction is vital in making recovery easier and should not be overlooked. At Clear Steps Recovery, we work to ensure that family remains an integral part of the substance abuse treatment process.

Family can make all the difference during treatment for substance use disorder. Whether you have tried in the past to start the process of getting a family member the treatment they need or have been the recipient of an intervention at home, there are supportive, empathetic field veterans at Clear Steps Recovery that are here to help. Reach out to our team today by calling 603.769.8981 or by filling out our form online.

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