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men and women conversing as part of a group therapy session in cocaine addiction rehabCocaine is a drug in the stimulant family with exceptionally addictive properties. People who form an addiction to cocaine rarely do so as their initial foray into abusable substances—usually, a cocaine addiction starts much lower on the ladder with other stimulants. However, unlike the more widespread substances, cocaine addiction is among the fastest to develop, even compared to other stimulants. Using cocaine for comparatively short periods can result in a series of detrimental health effects and even extend into a person’s relationships and mental well-being. The severity of addiction continues to worsen with time, and the need for cocaine addiction rehab is continually growing.

At Clear Steps Recovery, we use a combination of tested therapy practices and medical supervision to treat individuals suffering from cocaine use disorder. We provide outpatient programs using individualized treatment plans to address the individual client’s needs and goals. Our objective is to help clients overcome their addiction starting from within, all while providing support for them physically and mentally. To learn more about our Londonderry, New Hampshire, substance addiction treatment program, call us today at 603.769.8981 or reach out online.

Why Choose a Cocaine Abuse Treatment Center in New Hampshire?

While it may have initially been a single use at a party to heighten the experience, the compulsion to take a second dose can be extremely strong. Cocaine abuse can quickly grow out of control, resulting in irreversible damage to certain vital organs, including the heart, liver, and kidney. Consequences of cocaine-induced damage to these organs can result in an array of health conditions, including:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heightened heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Kidney and liver scarring/failure

While using cocaine habitually has results that can seriously damage a person’s health, addiction itself remains one of its most destructive consequences. Addiction reprioritizes getting an additional fix of cocaine before all else, often leading to massive expenses. The consequences stem wildly from here—poverty, homelessness, outbursts of emotion, and crime are all tied to cocaine addiction by the same threads.

Benefits of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction is especially hard to overcome on one’s own, making professional treatment a valuable resource. Cocaine addiction rehab offers clients a way to step back from the potential causes of their dependence and assess with their therapist what steps can be taken to achieve sobriety. Additionally, clients can choose between different levels of outpatient care, depending on their needs and availability. 

Receiving professional care for cocaine use disorder can drastically improve your odds of overcoming addiction. Most people view the difficulties of sobriety as merely resisting the impulse to use more, but many more factors remain out of sight. Attending cocaine addiction rehab means clients can better manage withdrawal, a significant factor in relapse. Access to clinical psychologists and therapists means clients can work through the emotional aspect of their addiction, creating new responses and habits.

Clear Steps Recovery Provides Recovery for Cocaine Abuse in New Hampshire

At Clear Steps Recovery, our cocaine addiction rehab program provides a roadmap for tracking progress, access to medical care, and the ability to connect with others who have experienced many of the same trials. We use an individualized treatment plan with a holistic approach that enables clients to grapple with their addiction on every front.

Located in Londonderry, NH, Clear Steps Recovery is a short drive from Boston, the Beach, or the White Mountains. Just minutes from Exit 4 on I-93 but comfortably set back and situated in a private, peaceful environment.

There’s always a chance to take the first step. If you or a loved one are enduring the pain of cocaine addiction, don’t wait another day. Contact the team of experienced, compassionate specialists at Clear Steps Recovery today by calling 603.769.8981 or reaching out online.

Clear Steps Recovery-Logo
The Path Is Clear – Take Your First Steps Today with Clear Steps Recovery

With our team and your desire to heal, we can improve your quality of life and functional abilities, so you can get back to living your best life.

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