Why Choose an Outpatient Program in New Hampshire?

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In 2015, New Hampshire ranked second in drug overdose deaths per capita in the nation1. Two years later, it ranked third. In the years since, however, the state has been slowly climbing downward—an anomaly, considering that 2020-2022 were years of historically high drug usage. Part of the effort to bring overdose deaths even lower is the many New Hampshire outpatient programs.

Outpatient programs are designed to provide the fundamentals of detox and recovery without requiring a full-time stay. It’s becoming progressively less common for individuals to sacrifice their academic, professional, or personal time to commit to a full-time stay in a residential treatment center. Fortunately, Clear Steps Recovery offers a flexible, personalized outpatient program designed to meet the needs of each of our clients. Reach out today at 603.769.8981 or online to learn about what we offer at our Londonderry, New Hampshire outpatient program.

Benefits of an Outpatient Program in New Hampshire

The major upside to any outpatient program is its adaptive nature. Outpatient programs generally require around 3-5 hours a day for 3-4 days a week, but this figure is adjustable based on individual needs. It’s designed to be easily scheduled around and to allow the positives of drug addiction treatment to integrate with daily life. Outpatient programs also excel in allowing patients to put what they’ve learned in treatment into practice. By never separating them from their usual routine, participants in outpatient programs don’t face the harsh re-entry into daily life that those in full residential care often do.

Outpatient care is flexible in terms of alterations during treatment, too. In situations where it may be unsafe to return home, or if addiction is too strong to reliably allow patients to go unsupervised, an escalation to full-time care is possible. In terms of cost, outpatient programs are less expensive than their inpatient counterparts. Considering the decreased expense of providing meals and residence, outpatient care isn’t just more accessible in terms of scheduling, but it’s more affordable too.

What to Expect When Starting an Outpatient Program

An outpatient program is much different than the widespread perception of addiction recovery programs. Participation in an outpatient program consists of regular visits to a detox center, in which patients and therapists spend time determining the course of treatment. This includes a periodic overview of how the outpatient program has been beneficial and ways it can change. This typically encompasses the following:

  • Whether visits are too long, short, frequent, or infrequent
  • The life outside of outpatient care
  • Whether certain therapeutic approaches are working
  • History of drug use
  • Goals and milestones achieved

Additionally, a variety of therapy styles are used during outpatient therapy. The goal of outpatient therapy is to give individuals as much agency over their own care as possible, including different approaches to their recovery. Clear Steps Recovery offers multiple complementary therapies that strengthen the overall quality of care, including medication-assisted treatment, health realization, and more.

Clear Steps Recovery Offers a Serene Outpatient Center in New Hampshire

Tens of thousands of New Hampshire residents are struggling with substance use disorders. Each one is fighting their own personal battle, and it’s part of our mission to aid those who attend our Londonderry, New Hampshire outpatient program. We offer a variety of substance abuse treatment programs that can adapt to your individual needs, as well as a team of professionals with years of experience in the treatment and therapy fields.

Don’t hesitate to get started. Take the first step today and contact Clear Steps Recovery at 603.769.8981 to learn more about what we offer and how your journey to recovery can start here.


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